wings over the rockies


Flight-inspired teachers
can help lead tomorrow’s leaders toward
soaring ambitions and greater heights.



There is no higher calling than the service of educating our youth, and inspiring them to excel in worthy endeavors. It is to this end that we conceived the Wings Over the Rockies Teacher Flight Program as part of our launch pad for learning. Teachers are uniquely qualified to support our mission through ongoing interaction with kids.

why imgAs one of the most significant educational outreach initiatives ever undertaken, the Wings Over the Rockies Teacher Flight Program aspires to provide
a personal flight experience to one teacher in every school along Colorado’s front range by the year 2020. That group of more than 1,500 teachers — one volunteer from every public and private school — will then serve as a powerful source of connectivity between the Museum and a growing population of more than 700,000 students.

How will students benefit? Our premise is that they can be inspired to higher achievement through the motivational context of flight — as represented by our Museum, with its compelling exhibits and programs. Through one-on-one or group interaction with participants in the Teacher Flight Program, students are encouraged to avail themselves of our wide-ranging educational opportunities. As a treasure for kids in search of new adventures, the Museum has the potential to help kids pursue their own dreams of a future in aerospace. To spread their wings. And to join the explorers, discoverers, and achievers of tomorrow.