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Beth Cohen, Teacher Envoy, talks about program during Exploration of Flight groundbreaking

Beth Cohen, Teacher Envoy, talks about program during Exploration of Flight groundbreaking

Good afternoon. My name is Beth Cohen. I am an elementary STEM teacher with the Cherry Creek Schools and proud and honored to be an Envoy for the Wings Over the Rockies Teacher Flight Program.

On a Friday afternoon in June of 2013 an email appeared in my inbox inviting me to take a flight in a 1940s Stearman biplane. And to join the Teacher Flight Program.

I had never been a big fan of flying but have always been a  big fan of new experiences.

Something struck me within that email. It was much more than an invitation to take a flight in a historic plane, it was an invitation to opportunity. To possibility. To bringing experiences never before imagined to my students. And for that (and the chance to look a bit like Amelia Earhart during a 20 minute flight).

I accepted the invitation.

There are lessons that cannot be taught but are learned through the sharing of experiences.

The Teacher Flight Program provides Envoys with a remarkable amount of curriculum materials and resources to educate children in aviation and aerospace.

But most importantly, it is the experiences.

The experiences that cause the eyes of a 5 year old to open up wide and say “ I want to be an airplane driver like Sean D.Tucker and do really cool tricks!” Or the insightful mind of an 10 year old to open up and think, “Sean D. Tucker inspires me to be nice to everyone and not get hit really hard in football and makes me want to try no matter what.”  

As mentors to our students, through this program we are able to bring to them experiences which offer an education not only in aviation and aerospace but in humanity,

in heart,  

in leadership

and perseverence.

In pursuing our dreams and recognizing the importance and beauty of exploring the unexplored.

My students have had the most memorable and life changing opportunities through this program.

They have created time capsule replicas of the gold phonograph records that traveled on the Voyager to be a part of the 2013 annual Gala.

They were thrilled to have their letters of excitement, support and encouragement travel with Amelia Earhart on her flight this past year.

Seeing photos of their teacher with astronaut Eileen Collins and hearing stories of my time shared with Eileen as well as with Buzz Aldrin during our study of space caused jaws to drop and hearts to soar.

And most recently learning about Sean D. Tucker and building models of his biplane which were a part of the gala honoring Sean just a few weeks ago.

“Ms. Cohen...our planes were right next to Sean D. Tucker’s airplane!!! Did he really hold MY plane???!!!”

Imagine for a moment being these children. Being 5,6,7,8,9 years old and not only learning about living history and your heroes but being able to touch them in some way. To connect. Imagine the dreams you could dream and the reality you could one day create.

It is because of the Teacher Flight program that these dreams can one day be much more than a dream. For the children touched by this program, they can be a reality. A reality possibly never imagined without the program.

And for that and so much more, my students and I are so very grateful.

Thank you.


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CABA Announces 2014 Scholarships

CABA Announces 2014 Scholarships

The Colorado Aviation Business Association is now accepting applications for the 2014 CABA Foundation scholarships.  The scholarships are intended to provide funding to students and professionals who wish to begin or advance their career in aviation or a related field.  Up to $3000 will be awarded, based on qualifications and defined needs of the applicant.

Please follow the link below for more info and to download the application. 

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Weather Balloons!

 On May 31st, 2013, seven Cherry Creek Elementary schools Balloon Launchparticipated in a near space balloon launch.  Please follow the link to read about this awesome STEM project!

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Awesome Experience

Kathy and ChesterI was so thrilled with my experience of flying in the beautiful yellow 1942 Stearman Biplane. It was a thrill to experience something I had only read about and dreamed of. I can't wait to get back to school and share my experience with the students and the staff at my school. This was a once in a lifetime experience (although I'd love to do it again)! I teach 4th and 5th grade gifted and talented students. I know that my experience (and our traveling classroom pet Chester the Flying Cheetah) will excite, thrill, and pique their interests in aviation and aviation related careers. Bringing the students to The Wings Over the Rockies Museum will only further their excitement. The majority of my students do not have the opportunities to experience hands-on and positive life altering activities. I know this program, the lessons, and activities that will be brought into the classroom will create in many a desire to spread their wings and fly! Thank you for an Awesome Experience!

Kathy Zook

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Inspired by Wings

William McCormick, a longtime fan of Wings, shares how he was motivated to fly by visiting Wings as a child with his parents.

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The Magic of Flight

As a volunteer docent at Wings Over the Rockies, I had the opportunity to witness firsthand how aviation can spark a child's imagination.   To be a front row observer and watch countless students' eyes light up with awe and excitement as they entered the museum, was such an honor.  With the Teacher Flight Program, I am once again privileged to watch that same childlike wonder in the eyes and faces of teachers as they step off the wing of the Stearman after their first flight.  Over and over I am told how their flight was so "exciting", "incredible", "extraordinary", even "life-changing",  and opened their eyes to preconceived notions of flight.  Now imagine that same teacher going back to the classroom with that flight-inspired excitement-wow!!  To able to plant a seed in a child's life, to uncover their hopes, dreams, passions...for them to know that IT IS POSSIBLE, no dream is too big, or out of reach, or unattainable--only then will we have fulfilled our mission. 





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Peakview Elementary Visit

I had the pleasure of visiting Peakview Elementary in the Cherry Creek School District.  Amy Sauerbreit, Teacher Envoy and Gifted/Talented Teacher, was so gracious to take the time to introduce me to most of the teachers and staff.  Not only was I able to get a glimpse of how she is incorporating some of the Teacher Flight curriculum into her classes, but I also met a very special young man who put together a PowerPoint of his visit to Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum.  I think we have a future pilot!!  

If you have a success story or would like to share what you have incorporated into your classroom and/or school community, please feel free to post, right here!!


Hetty Carlson

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APS Teacher 'Spreads Her Wings'

APS Teacher ‘Spreads Her Wings’

Jewell Elementary School teacher Shelley Jacobs can now add flying to her resume. Although she hasn't exactly piloted an airplane, she has definitely learned a thing or two about what it takes to do so, and she was honored recently for taking that step. 

Jacobs was recognized as the first of 18 APS teachers to fly in the Spreading Wings Teacher Flight Program over the summer, which is engineered by the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum. The program allows local teachers to go on a flight and, in turn, become ambassadors of the museum for their school. The teachers are able to share information with their school about any upcoming events or new programs, such as the Wings Aerospace Science Program.

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